Why did Varg Vikernes killed Euronymous?

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At 10th of August 1993, was happened one of the most scandalous occasions in the history of black metal. Varg Vikernes (Kristian Vikernes, leader of Burzum) has killed Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth, one of the founders and guitarist of Mayhem). There’re many articles, videos about this, but I want to write here not only facts but my own opinion on this case.


Someone blame Varg and hate him for his crime, someone thinks that Euronymous was guilty, and Varg can’t to be done in a different way, it depends on personal preferences.  Mayhem and Burzum both are my favorites bands, and I not on the first or second side. Let’s remind the facts.

Varg and Euonymus were members of the close organization “Black Circle” (or “Black Metal Inner Circle”), they both were in one community of black metal musicians, they both were in the numbers of founders of black metal, and they were partners by business. But they didn’t like each other, they even hate each other. and they’ve spent a lot of time with each other. But why their relationship was so bad? Let’s find out.

Varg is a man of action, Euronymous preferred to talk; Varg is a pagan, Euronymous was a satanist; Varg adheres to ultra-right political views, Euronymous was a communist; Varg has wanted to be anonymous musicians, Euronymous has wanted to be a start; Varg wants to back Europe to their old pagan religion, Euronymous has wanted to be the most badass and crazy metal bastard in the world; Varg has sometimes listened to techno music, Euronymous has hated techno music; Euronymous has watched “snuff” movies, Varg thinks this kind of movie is watching only degenerates; etc.

Also, Euronymous has deceived Varg for his debut album (Euronymous was producer and realizator of Burzum album, but Varg didn’t win any money for it). Varg from their first meet, counted Euronymous as a pozer (because he’s talked a lot but make a less), and Euronymous has known about this. When members of “Black Circle” started to burning churches, journalists have come to black metal artists and asked, who was made it? Euronymous didn’t contact them and even close for a time his shop “Helvete”. Varg reply that yes, he has burned a few churches. After this, Varg gets problems with police and came world famous, like a “black metal king”. Euronymous always wanted to be such famous, and he envied Varg for his status in the world of underground music. And he hated Varg for it.


When Varg has decided to change producer and sound record company, he came to Euronymous, where they have quarreled and fight. In this fight, Varg has pulled out the knife and killed Euronymous. Varg has struck him 26 times with a knife, sixteen times to the back, two times to the head, and five times to the neck. After that was court and Varg was going to the jail.

It was an official version of this crime. On the jail and after that, Varg has told another version of this occasion. According to his version, Euronymous has planned to kill Varg. He’s planned to euthanize Varg by sleeping pills, kidnap him, take away to the forest, tortured him and recorded it to the video, and then killed. Like Varg said, he found out about Euronymous’s plans from their mutual friends. And when they have fought on the day of Euronymous death, he had tried to pick up the knife, and Varg just made it faster than Euronymous. And if Varg would not be done it, he would be been dead, not a Euronymous. It could be true, but I think it’s very weird, that for self-defense Varg needed so many knife-struck (looks like Euronymous was a zombie or terminator).



So, what I think about all of these. Could Euronymous planned to kill Varg? I think yes. Could Euronymous begun to act, not only planned? I think no. Because like Varg has told many times, Euronymous was a coward. Could Varg perceive Euronymous plans like a dangerous for his own life? I think absolutely yes.


1 thought on “Why did Varg Vikernes killed Euronymous?”

  1. Euronymous was crazy and he could have planned things. Varg had reasons to be angry and also fearful.
    I think it looks like he stabbed him so many times because of anger, and stabbed him in the first time possibly because of no choice but even then I can understand why.
    If Euronymous really said he wanted to make a movie of him torturing Varg I would believe it… He kept parts of dead skull and put his picture on album cover and suddenly started acting as Varg friend even thought he hated him … Also his life was so messed up his business sucked his plans to be a star failed, etc.


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