Paradox of social media


In the “digital age”, almost everyone has an account in one of the social media, or on several at the same time (someone has dozens of accounts on the different social media). I have a few accounts on the social media, but all of them non-active in large part of the time. Why don’t I use these services in the same way most part of people? In this post, I’ll explain you.

Social media was invented for communication with relatives and friends, that living far away. Some part of users has come to social media services because of this reason, but very small part of people uses their account exactly for this. But 99% of users social media services using it for other goals.
In my work, I’m using social media for the development of the business of my clients. In our days, it’s very powerful tool for business. And on my opinion, it’s a good method of using it.

Due to humans instincts, most part of people using it for showing a non-existing success. It’s real problem for today’s society, there’re many insane people, with mental illness, who just showing off there. They spend a lot of money to make visibility of rich life. They absolutely crazy, they make me sick. All these guys make photos with another’s cars, use photo editors for making them more muscular or hight. All these women with fake lips, ass, tits, making naked photos with a lot of photoshop. I feel physical disgusting of all of this.  Because of this, I’m principal don’t use any SEO methods for this website, though of my work in marketing. I just want to write my minds here, no matter how many people will read this.

Backing to the subject of this post, just try to remember, how often are you talking with other people without internet? Social media instead of their appointment, weaned people to communicate with each other.

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