Why I’m not a satanist?


Satanic black metal, very popular search term. Most part of people thinks that all black metal bands and their fans are satanists. This stereotype is well-established. Yes, there are many musicians, who use satanic symbols and lyrics. And many fans of these musicians think that satanic themes are cool.

This stereotype was born with extensions of the popularity of early Norwegian black metal scene. A lot of scandals with murders, burning churches, vandalism on cemeteries. But the most famous person in mass media, Varg Vikernes, not a satanist, never was him.

So, why I’m a fan of Norwegian black metal, not a satanist. I have a lot of reasons, and I’ll share them with you.

The first reason – satanic wave is the internal opposition inside cristianity world. Satanists hate god, but they believe in his existing. And not a Scandinavian god or some of the ancient Egyptian god, they believe in christian and judaism god, named Yahweh. It’s annoyed my self-consciousness.
The second reason – most parts of satanists are just only sexuality dissatisfied persons, who by this method gives way out their sexual energy, that was accumulated because of weak adaptation to sociality.
Third reason – much of satanists are really insane people, who have real problems with mental health.

Fourth reason – people who join the satanic movement, it’s children who want to be “bad”.

These four reasons are not all my reasons, but I’ve listed the most important. Like a conclusion, I want to remind to all europian people, satanical religion is not our heritage, it’s a derivative of other aliens for Europe, religions like christianity, muslims, or judaism. All these religions came from the Near East.

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